Building a Yokogawa CENTUM CS3000 from Parts


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I need to build a CENTUM CS3000 system for simulation. I couldn't find any guide or manual on how to build such a system. I found the following parts. Maybe someone can tell me if it is enough to build a working system:

AFF50D - controller
AGC10S - gateway
YNT511D - bus repeater
PW482 - power supply
AAM51, AAM11B - analog i/o
ADM51, ADM12 - digital i/o
AIP503 - vnet coupler
What sets the whole category of DCS control apart from the category of PLC control is the DCS reliance on a central database which runs on "THE SERVER". From comments on the forum here over the years, it appears that the DCS software is pretty fussy about exactly what kind of server box it runs on.

Without the (licensed) DCS software that matches the hardware versions and the right server box and associated network components, I suspect that your effort to construct a DCS will be in vain.