building automation data in industrial network?

Yes. From bottom to top:
1) A gateway that acts as a Modbus slave that maps digital/analog i/o
registers to building automation points.
2) An OPC server in the operator workstation.
3) An SQL server connection from the operator workstation to an SQL
database server.

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I think we need more details to give you a good answer.

What is exactly the tyep of your "building automation data" and the type of your "industrial network"?

Scada for Building Automation Solutions
Ok your requirements are matching with Pcvue Scada software. It is modbus master (for serial link) and slave/master (for Modbus-TCP/IP) It is OPC client AND Server. It integrates Lonworks communicating with Lon equipments without any gateways. It can be linked with SQL Server or any Database supporting ADO.

You didn't write the Building Managment System technology you want to use. Is it Lonworks or BacNet (or another one...)? For Lonworks, Pcvue is ok. But for BacNet Pcvue needs a BacNet's OPC server.

I have seen that you are located in US. For more details you can contact our US office: [email protected]

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