Built HMI(PLC omron) by VB


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Somebody ever built HMI by VB?
Since i use hostlink protocol.
First trouble, i can't read all IR area in 1 Frame format due to data is more 32 words.( i read in manual of PLC omron about protocol farmat only)
However I ever use ingear32 software (active x omron) why it can read all IR area ..Somebody can help me .big thank.

Rocco F. Dominick


David Wooden

IF I understand the problem correctly, you would like to read the entire IR area in one Host Link frame. This cannot be done, but you can read the entire area in one command. The command will span many frames, with each frame limited to 128 characters. The code needed to do this is a little more complex. I assume that the Ingear32 ActiveX control is using multiple frame commands to read the entire IR area.

To read the entire IR area, send:
(XXXX = number of words to read; use number that is appropriate for your PLC)
(YY = FCS; calculate for the frame)

The response will be a series of frames; the first frame will have a header that matches the command, and will not have a * at the end. Keep reading frames until you see the frame with the * at the end; this signifies the end of data.

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tsang man seng

U can use FOR loop command in VB to read all IR data. For example.. first IR00 20 word,next IR20
20 word.....
never worked on Omron but made an HMI in vb for Schneiders PLC (micro 3722) but i used OPC server
and it was a real bliss to be able to do so
i had 5 PLC to connect and Unitelway was my Protocol

tell me if that could help
i'm a student, and i need some help to communicate directly with TSX micro via unitelway protocol on serial port of the pc
can you help me please thanks