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my application is a client -server aplication for modbus with the server on the network thru a digi serial server and a client thru a com port. The problem is, everytime the client send a packet of 8 bytes ,the server receives always bytes less than 8

as a result byte shifting takes place and the whole program goes haywire

Help in this regard would be appreciated

Automation Linse

Can you define more clearly what you are doing? Which Digi Model? Which TCP port are you using (telnet or raw)? Are you sending the binary value 0xFF?

This sounds like an issue of using a socket defined as "Telnet" when not all of your systems understands this. 0xFF is the telnet IAC command byte and will be stripped out or duplicated by some TCP stacks.

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- Lynn A Linse, (Ethernet to Serial Experts)