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Suresh, P.

I have a query regarding software language C SHARP by Microsoft. What is this language ?, is this is like C++, system integration development language, or web based language like something to do with replacing SUN, JAVA, What is this C SHARP language going to do in the software field.. Answers shall be appreciated Suresh
it would appear to be an example, a in line with microsoft example, where certain encapsulation is used to allow for small unshareable blocks which may only be accessed one on one per instance. the language considering its over head is comparable in ways to java, and is used with compilers which offer such high level features as drag and drop and styles as well as basic componant creating/deriving, modifying, and property setting.

Curt Wuollet

It is just another tool created by MS to give locked in programmers something to compete with Java and stem the flow of developers into the Java camp. They have always expended great effort to ensure that the "best" methods for programming Windows projects are proprietary to MS. For example, if they can't wreck the cross platform promise of Java, then they have no use at all for it and must provide an alternative that is entirely within their control. It makes no sense for them to abandon Java when it is becoming quite useful and popular for business application and particularly web-enabled applications but, in its pure cross platform form it would enable users and developers to switch to other platforms with ease. So, before they lose too many developers, they have to provide something competitive to lock them in to a MS only world again. It may or may not be a good development language on its own but. you can bet it won't be cross platform in any meaningful way. There is nothing illegal about leveraging their desktop monopoly in this way. The whole idea is to see that there are Windows programmers and non-Windows programmers with as little as possible in common so that the barrier to switch is kept as high as possible. With the attraction of the huge Windows market, they believe they can set the rules and choice is a small loss for developers to pay. Regards cww
OK, C Sharp is part of a much large picture.. I don't think its much use to anyone on its own. Basically, MS is bringing out a new "concept" called .NET (pronounced dot Net). One of the many features of .NET is a new API layer thats sits along side the existing Win API layer that everyone bitches about so much. This new layer will allow software developers (and engineers) to write more robust code, without having to jump through hoops to get a simple low-level function to work. No more API type issues, no more having to manage your own memory. SO.. C Sharp is MS's new standard programming language for this new platform. Everything in the system is accessed through a better, simplified Object-orientated programming structure. Basically, its been developed though MS consulting the USERS of J++ and C++, and the result is a combined and better programming language. Yes, it's kind of like Java in the sense that it runs within a subsystem, but that subsystem is as low-level as it gets. Definitely worth a look, I'm playing with Beta 1 of Visual Studio .Net, and its looking good for the software developer. I suggest you check it out at www.microsoft.com. .NET's got heaps more (ADO+, ASP.Net) and some cool things for those web developers, which will eventually filter its way into the Engineering industry. Imaging, being able to build a status web page for the plant, then call that page up from a palm pilot or Mobile phone without having to code a separate version for each device? Emil.