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i need calculate the volum liquid inside horizontal cylinderical tank depending on liquid height

Vedran Kosta

Dear Hussain,

Erect tank and than use formula: V=r*r*3,14*h ;-)

Harder way is solving triple integral, but I am afraid that was long ago when I was doing such things, so I cannot help you, sorry.

If your PLC has trig functions, you could use the following link to calculate the volume based on the height of the liquid and the dimensions of the tank:

If not, then a look-up table should be easy to implement. Calculate the volume of the tank for a number of heights (based on the same formula as above) and build a one on one relation between the height and the calculated volume (in retentive memory) in the PLC.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier

Fred Loveless

It has been almost 30 years since I took geometry but I do believe the formula is:

v = ((pi)r^2)h

Where h is the height, and r is the radius.

Vedran Kosta

I looked it up in my Bronstein/Semendjajew math book and I find this formula:

Area of circle (|>, (| part is S = 3,14*r*r/360*ALPHA, ALPHA = 2*arccos

So volume is:

V' = S*L, when level of liquid is h<r AND if h>=r:

V'' = L*(3,14*r*r-S), but in this case ALPHA = 2*arccos (1-(2r-h)/r)

L is length of cylindar, h is level of liquid, r is radius.