Calculating Compressor Ratio


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If i know 17th stage discharge pressure at any point of operation, how can i calculate the air pressure at any of the 17 stages of compressor?

- GT6b machine
- 17 stage compressor
- axial flow
- compressor ratio 1:11
11th stage bleed valve line modification is to be done. Most of the part to be exposed to the outer area of compartment. data is required for line designing purpose.

Honestly, I can't recall which stages are currently connected to the existing compressor bleed valves. (Because it's not something that can be changed--the axial compressor casing is cast for the bleed configuration and can't be changed (the stages which are bled during start-up and shut-down.)

You could install a pressure transmitter on the existing piping upstream of the compressor bleed valve and monitor the pressure in the piping.

The part of the reply about the part being exposed to compartment temperature and the relationship to pressure is not clear.

Hope this helps!