Calculation of Totalizers in Yokogawa Centum 3000


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i am trying to calculate and display the day total flow of steam (in tons). i used a process character <tag name of flowmeter.sum>. this displays the total quantity of flow of steam for 24 hrs. but the data resets after 24hrs. is there a way where i can save the previous 24 hr data for the next 24 hrs and display it? my dcs calculates the flow from 6 am in the morning to 6 am next morning. how can i change this timing? how can i use date and time functions, if there are any?

and what are the basics of signal setter and valve blocks?

thank you


Hello Phoenixash1,

General: CPUs from Yokogawa are not able to know which time and date is now. You need to create a routine in SEBOL (no discussion about this).

Ok. First the totalizer. You can storage values in another block, normally i used to make a load of values(SP, Alrma limits, etc) after a COLD Restart and a complete loss of Tunning parameters. BDSET i guess that is the name, i don't remember exactly now. I will confirm later.

With this block you can create a routine in SEBOL in an SFC block with only one Step, this takes care of the date and time, and based in your settings(Specific time and date for totalization), storage the value in the BDSET block. Then you can show the value just pointing the place in the BDSET block that you storage.

The totalizer depends if you are using BSETU blocks and their configuration. I normally use the SUM parameter in the PVI Blocks.

What do you call signal setter? There is a lot of examples and combination in the User Manual. Be more specific what you want to do, please.