Calibration of equipment in a Pipeline

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Adolfo Jimmy Saldivias Valarezo

Hello List:
We are a systems integrator for automation systems. We have worked with PLCs and PC based systems and have selected and installed measuring devices for pressure, temperature, gas flow, liquid flow, level, weight, oxygen content and several other variables. Recently, the operators of a gas pipeline who connects Bolivia with
Brazil asked us to offer calibration services for their equipment. I guess that it is a step forward for us: from selecting and installing
equipment to calibrating it. I have tried but have not been able to find good information on how to set up a shop for calibration of equipment. Sort of a Cookbook on calibration
shops. I have bought books like MEASUREMENT AND CALIBRATION REQUIREMENTS FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE FOR ISO 9000, written by Alan S. Morris, published by Wiley. I bought it after reading that: "This is followed by a discussion of the
measurement and calibration procedures and equipment necessary for the operation of the mechanisms for assessing the sources of measurement error and quantifying their effect. A series of separate chapters is devoted to each of the commonly measured quality-related quantities."
But I was wrong. I hope some of you could help me on this.
Jimmy Saldivias
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Go to This site is for members and non-members. Instrument engineering is a speciality.
ISA offers certification also.

Calibration shop:
Through my career, I never came across books on calibration shop. I have seen plenty for all kinds of needs. They were all based on the equipment to be tested. Generaly you will have some fixed testing facility and "portable calibrators" for field calibration.
It all depends upon the accuracy you are seeking for. In first, make a survey of all the brand of
equipment. This will indicate the measuring
physical principle of the primary device, from which then the testing equipment.
Remember: failure, damages, wrong installation, are constant surprises as well as calculation errors, and most commonly incorrect design, changes in operating specifications ..etc..
Let's start with something.
Temperature, pressure are of prime importance in the gas industry. For these two, at least a dead weight tester (primary standard) and a Wallace Tiernam (secondary standard) for the pressure.
A portable temperature bath and lab type one.
Eventually, you may need laboratory type test equipment, gas chromatograph ...May be gas and liquid provers (those are expensive).
Suggestion: attend some of the major Instrumentation show. I understand your firm acts as Consultant, you may need secondary source of consultation (I have relations in that). Personaly, I used to be smart cat in Process
Control and Instrumentation.
As a portable calibrator look at the "Promac
DHT 830SL CALIBRATION WORSHOP", here near Toronto. Other suppliers of test equipment:
Ameteck, Fluke ...

Leonel Palencia

Hi Messrs.:
I work for Bridgestone Firestone Corporation in Venezuela in Maintenance Dpt. We usually use for calibration purposes of temperature controllers, transmitters, digital amps and voltmeters the "Promac Calibrator Model DHT 830S" which is a very precise portable tool. This calibrator is damaged, and in my country we don´t have representative office for repairing. I was trying to get information from internet and you were the only link I could get from this equipment. I would like to know if you can provide to me information regarding some company or technical representative in US or Canada to contact them. I would appreciate your help if some of you can replay to me by e-mail: [email protected]
Thanks in advance for your kind of help!!
Leonel Palencia