Calibration of Level transmitter (displacer type)


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Wasim Ullah Khan

How do we calibrate a level transmitter(displacer type)in interface level. Lets say specific gravity of water/condensate=1/0.7
Interface level can be tricky I assume you are using ultra sonics with a target attached to the displacer and the displacer will obviouly float on the water level inter face. To do this the float should be filled to allow it to float on the water. THe range is then set by the height the water level rises. A second unit can also be used to float on the condensate in a similar manner to get a more accurate reading. This system works well given that no drastic changes in SG occur

sandeep datar

If u r using a typical 4-20 MA O/P inst with a displacer float, then fill the chamber (100%) with higher density liquid. Adjust 4 MA. Then fill chamber with lower density/equiv. liquid (100%) and adjust 20 MA.

First you want to fill with lower specific gravity liquid (Condensate) up to given range level and then adjust for zero that means 4mA , and after that drain that codensate and now filled with water up to given range and adjust for span that means 20 mA.
Hi everyone, i am a new member here ; I just want to share with you calib procedure for Magnntrol interface displacer for water/upper liquid , i hope that will be helpful , good luck displacer calib procedure.jpg