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Need some help guys!

We have an application that will control a PELCO ERD97P21-U camera receiver within the network. We need to control the said camera receiver within a serial communication pass thru from a workstation and can be access within the network. Anyone who made a software development or who knows PC automation similar as this, would be a great help. Just email me at this addr: [email protected]

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The best way to control a camera and monitor over LAN is MicroSwitcher Plus system. It is TCP/IP network capable. It is very flexible, easy to use and the quality is very high. I have installed it a few times encountering no problems whatsoever. Their website is or phone Jeff Anderson at 1-800-267-2288 or

If you have more questions, please email me.

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Korsak Maciej

I have done software for visualization real-time images from AXIS 2400.
My example if network based with no serial communication.