Can an IoT Wireless Level Sensor with GPRS Measure Water Tank?

I just wanted buy IoT wireless level sensor with GPRS for water tank measurement, but in fact, I have never use it, therefore, is there anyone can tell me its worked?

Thanks for you guys help!
We have 4 installation. It works fine, but some times due network mobile network issue it requires reset (power cycle).
Can you give us information about the device?
Is the device battery powered or powered by external power?
Is the communication protocol MQTT? If it is MQTT, which broker will be sent the data. Or will the data be sent to the IoT platform. Ex: Azure IOT, AWS IOT, Thingworx, etc.

I don't know exactly if such a sensor exists, but the requirement can be met as follows.
A level sensor with Modbus RTU support is used. Next to this device is the ModBus RTU / MQTT converter. In this way, the data can be sent to the broker or IoT platform requested.