Can FactoryTalk Use .Net User Controls?


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Preface: our customer is using FactoryTalk version 8.10.00 (CPR 9 SR 7.4). I am a C# and C++ software developer, and I have never worked with FactoryTalk before.

My manager has come up with a display that he would like to use in FactoryTalk. The display uses three concentric circles, with the amount of the circle filled in corresponding to percentages. According to him, it is difficult to work with circles on FactoryTalk displays. My manager talked over the problem with a colleague, who recommended creating an ActiveX control. We have documentation on how to use ActiveX controls inside FactoryTalk. I have been tasked with creating an ActiveX control matching my manager's design. That's not going to be a problem, as it's a simple idea.

But ActiveX controls are obsolete. They have been superceded by .Net user controls. I would much prefer to build a .Net user control in C# than an ActiveX control in C++ (I suppose that's possible in C#, but I've never done it.)

So, is it possible to incorporate .Net user controls into FactoryTalk displays? And if so, could you please provide links to instructions?

Thank you very much.
If this is a PC based system, you could try to convince your customer to let you replace FactoryTalk with AdvancedHMI. Then you could get all of the advantages of creating custom controls in C#. You would also get a lower cost platform with much faster communications.
Thanks for the recommendation. It's not an option for this job, but I told my managers about it, and maybe it will be something for the future.

But in the meantime, can .Net controls be used in FactoryTalk?

Thanks again.