Can InTouch communicate with Delta V system?


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Is there a way to read information from Delta V to InTouch? Is anybody experienced in Delta V? Is Delta V open system?

calvin smith

hello adam

A DELTAV system will communicate with most touch screens. The interface has to be right. DELTAV systems talk foundation field bus, profibus dp, profibus pa, device net, etc. Their systems should be able to communicate.

hope this helps.
OPC Server from DeltaV and OPC Link from WW (remember OPC Link requires an i for int, r for real, d for discrete, and m for message when addressing items).

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Yes, you can read info from Delta V to Intouch via OPC. We have insatlled the MATRIX TOTAL CONTROL system from Standard Automation mainly because of it openess and integration with Wonderware products. The controller has 2 serial ports, true redundancy is affordable, redundant fault tolerant ethernet and it utilizes the MTL 8000 I/O. If you are evaluating systems it would be a good one to look at.

Brendan O'Connell

Yes is the short answer.

However it depends what data rates you are looking for and of course budget.

DeltaV can support Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, ModBUS RTU & ASCII, OPC, custom interfaces, etc. but you will need to investigate what exists on the DeltaV system you have first if you want to make the best use of your existing H?W & S/W resources.The simplest to implement is probably ModBUS or Profibus. Note however that DeltaV is master in both so you will need an intermediate data handling device such as a PLC with ModBUS master and slave conversion capabilities such as a GE 90-30 if InTouch cannot act as slave.

Also look in for further data.

Best of luck.

Brendan O'Connell
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Yes. You can take data from any control system with an OPC server to any HMI
software that is an OPC client. From this perspective almost any system in
the market is open. However, I don't think Deltav will let you use
Wonderware instead of its own operator consoles, but as an addition. Also
look at cost for license with sufficient tags to bring the data across OPC.
The Deltav HMI is based in Intellution FIX and it also uses the MTL8000 I/O.

The definition of "open system" is like the greasy pig in the market fair.
Once you think you got it, it slips away. In the past having several
applications and field instruments from third parties that could plug in
would be considered incredibly open. Today the bar is raised higher. For a
system to really be open it should have a standard controller-level network
(not just Ethernet and TCP/IP, but also one of the standard application
layer protocols such as Foundation™ Fieldbus HSE) enabling you to freely
choose controllers, linking devices, I/O subsystems, gateways, and other
higher level devices from third-parties.

I know that I should use correctly prefixes using OPClink but what about type of data: I have heard thet Delta V had one type of data. If so how can I use integer, real, discrete and message in OPCLink to one type of data in Delta V?


Yes is the answer, but Delta V would recommend you to use seperate OPC servers workstation, because they do not want any thisrd party to work on the NETWORK WHICH DOES NOT HAVE OPTIMISED COMMUNICATION methods.

Use dedicated OPC servers/workstation & you can communicate with DELTA V & INTOUCH.

Check the tag licence of OPC SERVERS.

I hope this helps.

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