Can RSView Messenger send SMS?


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M. Faisal K.

Does anybody know whether RSView Messenger can send Short Message Service (SMS) to mobile phone or not?
This will be another alternative for alarm messaging.

Thanks for any upcoming responses.


M. Faisal K.
I am not sure about RSView However you can get an add on product from Iconics alarmworX MMX which will allow you to have multimedia capabilities, Voice, Paging, faxing, email, even acknowledge alarms via two way pagers and cell phones.

Bob Miller
You may use U.C.ME that connects to any OPC server and sends SMS via cellular modem. Alarms can be acknowledged via SMS. You may also send SMS commands from your cell phone to U.C.ME to query or change field values(tags).

A fully functional evaluation version can be downloaded at
Hi, I have not used RSView Messenger before but if you can set to send emails then there are plenty of email to sms providers about. If you have the ability to use vb, vba, vb scripts or call external apps then it is quiet easy to write a script to send an email or connect to mobile phone to send sms via the phone.

i.e. Simple VBScript to send email
' Send Email without Installing the SMTP Service
'this requires connection to the internet

Set objEmail = CreateObject("CDO.Message")

objEmail.From = ""
objEmail.To = ""
objEmail.Subject = ""
objEmail.Textbody = Now()

objEmail.Configuration.Fields.Item _
("") = 2
objEmail.Configuration.Fields.Item _
("") = ""
objEmail.Configuration.Fields.Item _
("") = 25

LogDiagnosticsMessage "Email Sent to " & "[email protected]"

Set MailObject = Nothing

You need to have a smtp connection etc. or write a script to connect using Outlook. Connecting to a phone is a little different, although both these solutions are for sending data only.

If you want any working scripts let me know.