Can we combine DCS, ESD and F & G system into one System


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I would like to ask about the possibility of combine DCS, ESD and F&G system into one System ??

as our targets to reduce the cost of purchasing control system separately like PCS, ESD, F&G
I don't think so.

ESD and DCS could not be combine because of:
1. speed issue - as i know ESD as a PLC is faster than DCS, it makes it more responsive to a critical situation.

2. safety issue - as i know, ESD is much more safe, it has a SIL certification.

about F&G, well in our current project Gas detector is connected to our DCS, so maybe you can illuminate F&G. If it is not violating the requirements of the client.

above is just my idea, just trying to participate to this very good forum to improve myself also.


Ronald Deepak

Combining a DCS and ESD would make no sense since ESD is designed to take over when the process variable goes beyond the limits of the DCS control. The entire ESD loop contains dedicated elements (transmitters, valves, etc.) to act as a redundant system during an emergency.
It depends what you mean by one "system". If you mean combine ESD and DCS functions into a single PLC to save a few thousand dollars, then No - you probably want to avoid this for a bunch of safety and legal rather than technical reasons.

If you mean you want to purchase a single integrated large scale DCS and ESD system with multiple controllers, operator stations etc but with common technology and programming tools, then Yes - A number of vendors offer this, such as ABB, Emerson etc.