cannot read some registers in Socomec Countis E03 40A Modbus table

Hi, Everyone:

I am developing a smart home system.
We intend to employ your Socomec Countis E03/40A single phase energy meter in this solution.

Now evaluate it.
But I cannot read registers' values from 19843 to 19869 ,which belong to “energy measurement -Total “ in Modbus table .
The meter has not reply.
Factory response is 1000 0011 (0x83) in debug mode . That means meter cannot proceed the request from master ,here master is BBB brd.

At the same times, I can read or write the rest registers in E03 40A meter's Modbus table.
I can read the values of registers from 25987 to 26013 ,which belong to “energy measurement -Total “ in E03/32A meter’s Modbus table too.

Is it possible that Countis E03/40A energy meter Modbus MAP table is outdate?
Or Is it possible that there is mistake mark for my sample product?
How do I read energy measurement -Total registers for E03/40A meter?

Anyone can help me on this?

Many Thanks in advanced


You're receiving an exception response (0x83 0x2) which is 02 - ILLEGAL DATA ADDRESS. This means that one or more registers contained in your request do not exist on the slave.

Note that pymodbus uses 0-based addressing. You may have to subtract 1 from the register number.

If you're still having issues, confirm with the manufacturer that their documentation is correct and matches the specific model and firmware version you have.