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Mehmet Ilker YILMAZ

I use Step 5V7.02.And I have Comet 200 V4.1. When I use other simatic S5 programs menu from Step 5 program and locate the Comet 200 file which is under the directory Comet200 and start blue screen comes and nothing else happens. What may be causing this?

Bopp Electrical Maint. Eng.
Com ET-200 cannot be run from within step 5 version 7.x . It can, however be run as a stand alone application from within windows. Simply run the program COMET200.COM from outside of the Step 5 environment (I have a shortcut on the
desktop to save me from hunting it down each time.) Also (you may already know this) if your plc supports it you might consider upgrading from IM 308b to IM 308c cards and then using the windows program "Com Profibus" for configuration.
This has several benefits: 1.You can switch from the antiquated EPROM cards and UV eraser to the new EEPROM cards. 2.Several more devices can be configured along with standard remote I/O. 3.Documentation is substantially better
including visual maps of profibus networks. 4.Online network troubleshooting is much simpler with more detail. I should note however I am currently using both in different applications and the old stuff just keeps right on working.

Dan C