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What do you think of CANOpen as a viable network competitor to Profibus/devicenet and others.
I have seen the excellent comparison on but would like to know your thoughts.

Jake Brodsky

Your question is somewhat incomplete. Like all industrial bus wars, you'll discover that some are better at certain applications than others.

In our application, the water and wastewater utility, we tend toward Profibus and DeviceNet because they're reliable, easy to diagnose, and flexible enough to meet our needs.

Of course if you're building cars, the parameters are a bit different. If you're working on an aircraft with fly-by-wire interfaces, it's yet another issue. If you're working on a one shop industrial process, the costs are still different, and if you're working on a tank farm the parameters look different yet again.

Nail down the parameters of your problem and you can figure out a cost effective answer from the plethora of choices. All these busses were developed for an application. Find the one that matches your needs, and pay no attention to pundits like me...
CanOpen is used in Europe quite a bit and is gaining demand in the USA. CanOpen can communicate at 1M baud but the price for speed is number of nodes and length of the network,Dnet can only do 500K baud. CanOpen seems to be a little more friendly to use than Dnet but it is still a can network, Choose your flaverDnet,SDS,CanOpen,CanCal,J1939.
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