CANOpen M340 and Siemens MM430


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It is first time we are working with CANOpen.

There is a task to control Siemens Micromaster430 from Modicon M340. We've got EDS from Siemens, connection seems ok. CANBus LED on MM430 green constantly, but something wrong in M340 path.

CanOpenMasterState 16X00A9 - The network is in "Operational" state

Communication state 16X0100
Bit 8=1: Indicates the task cycle is faster than the CANopen master cycle (outputs can be overwritten). To avoid overwrite, you are advised to set a longer task cycle time that the CANopen cycle. The cycle values are available in the words %IWr.m.c.59 à %IWr.m.c.61.

Event 16X0090
Bit4=1 : An optional module cannnot communicate. The concerned module is in "Stop" state.
Bit7=1 : This bit is still at 1 if a bit in the list of bits changes status.

Thanks in advance!
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