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amora fibrianto

Dear List, I would like to know who's representing Texas Instrument right now ?? My client insist to use Texas Instrument TI315. But I cannot find any company representing it. Automation Direct only sell TI305 equal. Any help or comment will be appreciated. Regards, Amora Fibrianto
Texas Instruments' PLC line was bought out by Siemens years ago. the group who bought it was headquartered in johnson City Tenn.

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Contact They may still have some in stock, or can advise you.

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amora fibrianto

I already contacted automation direct.
they said that the PLC is obsolete.
since our client insist on it. how can i convince them not to use it ??


John Paley--Graphic Pkg Corp

You're client probably insists on it because he owns the resources to support it. (tisoft plc programming software, a computer, data comms module and cables, and experienced techs).
We have the old ge series ones in our plant (ti bought that line and called it the ti315, 320, 325, etc.)While the 315 is obsolete, I'm pretty sure the 330's are still available from automationdirect. We have purchased them there but they're called something else, now. (I think simply the 330) By using this processor, your client will still be able to use the same support equipment he uses for the 315's--including the snap-on portable programmers. You may suggest to your client that the automationdirect programming software for windows is a bargain at $495. It utilizes the same cabling and data comms unit as the old TI software, and the documentation options are head and shoulders above the old stuff.