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T Iversen

Please help. I am trying to talk to an Allen Bradley SLC5/05. The SLC is connected to a 1761-net-aic through the serial port and the 1761 is connected to a Cutler Hammer panel mate through data highway.

The Ethernet port on the SLC is connected to the the buildings network and is used for data collection. The important thing here is to not stop the machine. When I plug into the 1761 with a 1747 cp3 serial cable, the communication lights on the 1761 stop flashing and the Panel Mate gets a communication fault, the machine stops and they yell at me.

I didn't even have the communication software running yet. Using a cross over cable to attach to the Ethernet port on the SLC, which is the method recomended by the machine builder. I get a "little or no connectivity warning". I know that my cable is good and I know that my Ethernet port on the laptop is good. The comm lights on the laptop and the Ethernet port on the SLC just stay on solid and don't flash.

When I plug the data collection cable back in the Ethernet light on the SLC flashes away merrily. It's mocking me. We tried pinging it at the address it's supposed to be at and addresses around it, nothing. We tried to do a network search using Proworx software and still couldn't see the SLC. I'm using RSlinx lite and RSLogix 500 on a Dell with Tiny XP.

Please help. Thanks
My guess is your laptop IP address and that of the SLC500 are different.

Copy the text below as is into wordpad and save it as a '.bat' file. When run it will scan the network and report ALL addresses which are present.

@echo off
rem @echo off
set H=
set T=0
set D=0
set P=192.168.1.
rem echo Parameters %1 %2
rem echo Initial address %P%%H%%T%%D%

if %D%==0 echo address %H%%T%%D%
ping -n 1 -w 100 %P%%H%%T%%D% | find "Reply" > nul
if not errorlevel 1 echo Response from %P%%H%%T%%D%

if [%D%]==[] set D=0
if %D%==9 goto TENS
if %D%==8 set D=9
if %D%==7 set D=8
if %D%==6 set D=7
if %D%==5 set D=6
if %D%==4 set D=5
if %D%==3 set D=4
if %D%==2 set D=3
if %D%==1 set D=2
if %D%==0 set D=1
goto ADONE
set D=0
if [%T%]==[] set T=0
if %T%==9 goto HUNDREDS
if %T%==8 set T=9
if %T%==7 set T=8
if %T%==6 set T=7
if %T%==5 set T=6
if %T%==4 set T=5
if %T%==3 set T=4
if %T%==2 set T=3
if %T%==1 set T=2
if %T%==0 set T=1
goto ADONE
set T=0
if [%H%]==[] set H=0
if %H%==9 set H=2
if %H%==8 set H=2
if %H%==7 set H=2
if %H%==6 set H=2
if %H%==5 set H=2
if %H%==4 set H=2
if %H%==3 set H=2
if %H%==2 set H=2
if %H%==1 set H=2
if %H%==0 set H=1

if not %H%%T%%D%==260 goto loopx
@echo on

Hope it helps.

Trevor Ousey

Hi, the NET-AIC is a serial to DH485 adapter. First check to see that the cable is correct, check in the Panelmate literature as they generally have good info, I am not sure the CP3 cable is the correct one. If you don't need to use DH485 then maybe just use DF1 RS232.

You could try the serial cable CP3 between the notebook and the PLC, the look at the configuration of the Ethernet port on the SLC. Check if it is using a static IP or using a bootp or DHCP server. If it is static make sure your notebook has a static ip in the same range.