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I am willing to go for a CAP certification exam. What is the best way to clear it?

Is the book mentioned by ISA "A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge" sufficient?

Do we need to cover all the chapters in the above mentioned book?

Guidance is requested from experienced members.

David Ferguson

The best way to "clear" it, is to know the information and have experience in it. It is not a trophy, it is a test of your knowledge and experience.

The AutoBOK is a very good reference and minimum knowledge required. Yes, you could get a test that has information from any of the chapters and more. It is a "Guide".

But to be clear, this is not a gimme test ..... there is a lot of required knowledge and experience needed to pass this test.

Having said that, if you have the experience, brush up on the areas that you might not get to work on day to day and understand them, you will not have any trouble.

I passed the first try and was impressed with at least what my test
covered, but have been doing this for 30 years, I have taken numerous
Microsoft exams, certification exams, licensing exams etc. and I will say this is right up there and surpasses in many areas.

If you have the experience, with some brush up you should have no trouble. If you think you can "memorize" some stuff and pass it, at least on my test (I assume there are many), that wouldn't cut it.

Sorry for the bluntness, but I sort of read your question as, what's the easiest way to pass this test, "If I read this one book, can I go out and pass this test?" If that wasn't the intention I apologize. If you are a 4.0 Engineering student and study that book and have no least in my experience, you won't pass it.

Dave Ferguson - CAP and many more - Tasks Unlimited : )P
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Dave Ferguson