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mrvvijayavv to create CSP.prn file in mark v
2.this file not available in unit1 location
3. Correct path cap.prn file in mark v
I presume you are working on an <I> (which runs IDOS, Interface Disk Operating System).

I believe the process of creating a CSP.PRN file is covered in the Mark V Maintenance Manual, GEH-5980. There is an executable file in the G:\EXEC directory which will create CSP.PRN when run. There should be a 'Main Menu' selection that you can click on which will run a MS-DOS batch file to create CSP.PRN.

If that's not available on the 'Main Menu', you you will have to run the executable from the command prompt of the unit-specific directory (for example, F:\UNIT1). Unfortunately I can't recall the exact name of the executable in G:\EXEC but you should be able to find it in the Maintenance Manual, and if you don't have a copy of that or can't find it in the manual then you will have to look for an executable file with a name that is something like "SEQDOCMT.EXE" (that's actually the name of the executable which is used on the GE Mark V HMI that runs MS-Windows; it was changed during the transition from IDOS to MS-Windows.)

It shouldn't be too hard to find (the eight-character file name should help to decipher what the file's purpose is), and when you find a filename that looks like it might be the one, just type the file name followed by /? and you will be presented with a Help screen that tells you what the executable does and if there are any switches/options when running it.

So, for example, if you found a file like MAKE_CSP.EXE, you would type:


and press ENTER, and a help screen would be returned to explain the function of the executable file.

Once you locate the proper file, you need to change to the unit-specific directory and then type the executable file name that you found; it should start producing the CSP.PRN file and it should complete in less than a couple of minutes. (HINT: Shut down IDOS before running the executable, by typing IDOSEXIT and pressing ENTER. The Mark V cannot communicate with the Mark V when IDOS is stopped, but then you're at a command prompt and you can't monitor operation or manage alarms or send commands from the command prompt anyway.) That will free up memory and CPU resources to make producing the CSP.PRN file faster. Once the file is created, just type RUN_IDP and press ENTER and IDOS will re-start and the unit can communicate with the Mark V.)

Hope this helps!