Capturing data from Johnson Controls HVAC system

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Prasad Sawantdesai

Currently we have a HVAC system comprises of 3 N30 Supervisory controllers (Johnson Controls make), some application Specific controllers (Danfoss PLC Controller) and one M series workstation (Johnson Control smake). M graphics SCADA is used for real time data monitoring through OPCDA which is on M series workstation. I want to collect historical data by means of using simple script or something and store it to MS access database. Is it possible on M series workstation? and if Possible then how?

Or suggest any other way so I can pull data from any three Tap points either Workstation, N30 itself or Danfoss PLC Controller and historize?

Wassim Daoud

Use ODBC Client for OPC. It will store your OPCDA data into MS Access and many other databases. Here is link to it:

Hope this helps

Wassim Daoud
Global Solutions Architect