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Andrew Turner

I was also wondering if you could help me with a little problem I have with an IDOS Mk5 Speedtronic. I want to capture some screens for a report. I know I can save or print the screen and it gets saved in the SPOOL directory. I think then that I need to convert the files from .IMG to something else with a bit of software that I believe may be somewhere in the Mk5.

This application may not be in this particular unit from circa 2000

I can't find this software on this MK5, I think I have seen it on other MK5 units and it's called PC_Print or PC_IMG or something like that. This MK5 might be a little too old, I'm pretty sure it was fitted to later MK IDOS machines.

It converted the files into a form that you could then put in a word document.

If anyone can help or better still send me a copy of the application or point me at a place where I could get it I would be very grateful, thanks in advance.
The utility/executable is called IMAGE_PC.EXE, and it should be in the G:\EXEC directory. If the unit is a 2000 vintage machine, it should be there, because it started shipping on <I>s in the early 1990's.

If you type <pre>IMAGE_PC /?</pre> at the command prompt of the F:\SPOOL directory, you will get a Help screen and I believe it comes with a generic example.

The utility converts .IMG files from an <I> to .PCX files, which can then be imported into many documents and files.

It takes some playing around with to get the hang of it, but if I recall correctly the example in the Help screen will work for about 95% of displays. I believe the one little "glitch" is trying to print "white". Or something to that effect. Sometimes, it would take a little creative "mapping" to get all the text and graphics to print correctly.

Again, just keep playing around with it. It's a command-line executable with a lot of "switches" and I always had to count twice or thrice to make sure I had all of the mapping numbers correct. I used to write MS-DOS batch files for large numbers of .IMG files that needed to be converted for import into a word processor application.

Unfortunately, I don't have any IDOS files, but perhaps someone here can post a copy to a file share server and then post the URL here.