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Glen P. Najera


We are referring to an oil pipe which is 16 inches in diameter and .406 in thick with API 5LX-52. It is recommended that it have a cathodic
protection of 475 micrometer thickness. Would this be enough for the pipeline that would be used in southeast asia where the weather is moist.
How long will such protection last before the piping starts to degrade? In addition, anyone knows this information and more? The oil pipe will be roughly 120 km long. Mostly ground, but some across rivers.

Any manufacturer/supplier/user who can suggest whether the cathodic protection should be increased or not.


Don't worry, the galvanic potential which is the cause of corrosion will always develop were
unsuspected and wathever protection, the pipe will last so long. Fiberglass piping is a pretty good alternative. If you maintain cathodic protection, make sure the piping is manipulated with great caution, like galvanized items.