CAREL Vision 2020i Communication with HMI

Dear All,

can I connect Carel Vision 2020i controller with Siemens/Weintek/Delta etc HMI directly?

If not then what is the option to connect Vision 2020i controller with an HMI (Siemens/Delta or Weintek)

waiting for reply

A quick skim read of the manual at this link

says that Carel uses their own dedicated HMI, a DBGx Display that communicates with other Displays over the "DB LAN communications bus" which is very likely an RS-485 bus.

Although typical automation HMI's can be Modbus RTU masters, I would not expect Carel plug-n-play functionality from any 3rd party generic HMI panel. Any 3rd party HMI panel would need hardware/firmware and proprietary comm compatibility, which just isn't there.

Although the manual mentions using the a Modbus RTU card and mentions both BacNet and Modbus RTU protocols as means of communicating to a BMS, the manual gives no details on its Modbus implementation; however it is not uncommon for Modbus or BacNet manuals to be separate manuals from the main user manual. HMI panels for the industrial automation market generally do not have BacNet comm capability, but do have Modbus RTU capability, at least as an option.

If you can find a Modbus RTU manual for the Carel system then you could tackle the programming coding needed to do whatever it is you want the HMI to do.