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Richard Dewees

Hello list

Has anybody out there ran a Dynapro Sc3 touchscreen over a Blackbox CAT5 KVM evtender?

the video is coming across I just can't get the serial communications for the touch screen to work across the CAT5 link.

If anybody has any advice it would be greatly

Rick Dewees
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Richard Belknap

I have used the extender/sharer modules with ELO Touchscreens. We had to turn off the bidirectional communications. You basically have to set up the driver to "TRUST" you that the touchscreen is there. I know we had to do this in a registry setting manually(NT 4), but don't recall exactly what is was.
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Goulds Pumps
Thanks for the reply

To get this to work I had to get the DOS set up program for the SC3 controller and set the BAUD rate to 9600 which is the lowest setting the KVM switches use, (the SC3's default to 2400) then I had to edit the Registry in NT to change the BAUD rate fo the Touch Screen Driver to 9600 as well.