Catalogue for Siemens S7-300


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I'm a beginner for PLC. Could you please tell me where I can download the catelogue for Siemens S7-300? Thank you. I've tried and, but cannot find it.
From the link "": you can select the Support Shop link near the top that will provide a link to the Siemens Online catalog, the Automation & Drives Mall. From here, you can browse the products or request a catalog on CD be sent to you. You need to contact your local Siemens distributor for a specific printed catalog (ST 70 for S7-300 PLC's).

Hakan Ozevin

You should have searched it as "s7-300 manual", not "catalogue". I cannot not give you a link, cos I dont know what you are interested in (hardware, software, special functions, etc).
When you search as above, you will hit more than 200 topics to download. Of course there is a general catalogue online (CA01) which also includes S7-300, but it is only for sales purposes.