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Greg Mills

I’m looking for a way to communicate with a CCM.
I want to eventually bring the information into Wonderware.

David G Kuipers/KUI/CC01/INEEL/US


We are communicating with multiple CAT EMCPII units via a CCM connected to a GE Fanuc 90/30 PLC. We had a driver written for firmware installed in a PCM (Programmable Coprocessor Module) of the PLC. The PLC program polls data every 1-5 seconds (configurable) and provides for interrupt write capability to the controllers. The driver is commercially available through the developer, It is solid and their documentation is very good.

Cat also sells an inexpensive software package that is Windows-based for interface to the CCM. The protocol is Cat MX-5 (proprietary).

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Rich Sizemore

Wonderware supports the CCM protocol(usually referred to as CCM-2) directly. For a performance boost, install an ethernet card into the 90/30 and connect up to wonderware.

Rich Sizemore
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> Im looking for a way to communicate with a CCM.
> I want to eventually bring the information into Wonderware.

Will you have a PLC in between ??

I have implemented a CCM protocol stack for AB SLC500. If you are interested please let me know

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Steve Joanis

There is a DDE server that is designed to communicate via RS-232 to a CCM available from Streamline Integrated Solutions at It was written by Dave Stutt. We have successfully used it with Intouch 7.0 SP2 on NT 4.0 SP5.

If you only need alarms you can use a Caterpillar CIM (A relay output board providing form C relay contacts.)

Jerry Miille

The Miille Applied Research Co., Omnii-Comm product can connect Caterpillar CCM to many other standard protocols such as Modbus and Allen-Bradley.

Check out the product at

Jerry Miille

Dave Kuipers


>I need to correct somethign here - Selah group did not write the driver you
>speak of - Steven E. Braun did -- you can contact him at [email protected]

Steve Braun's company wrote several drivers for Selah Group, but they did not write the CAT CCM MX-5 protocol driver, it was written by an individual not associated with Steve's company. The Selah Group folks worked with the developer on the Cat CCM programming. In fact, Selah Group had a Modbus driver written by the same programmer (not assoc. with Steve Brauns company), added much better functionality and documentation and we have since replaced most of our Steve Braun firmware with the improved Selah Group firmware in our systems. It is much easier to use and provides better health monitoring of the modbus interface. You should look into it.