Cause of communication failure in modicon quantum PLC system


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We are experiencing frequent communication failures for various I/O modules at our plant. The PLC system is Schneider:Modicon Quantum with remote RIO cards connected at various points in the plant.

What could be the cause for this?

Curt Wuollet

The cabling is always a good place to start with communication errors. Find out how the cabling is supposed to be done and then check how it is done.

I've found a lot of inventive and just plain wrong cabling that amazingly works most of the time. Something like Modbus will work even with one wire disconnected or grounded, just not all of the time.


I would first suspect that your RIO system cabling is the source of your communication problems. Modicon has very specific requirements for the type of cable, connectors, crimp tool used to affix the connectors, trunk/drop lengths, bend radii, etc. Too often, people take shortcuts to save money or time when building the cable system. Survey your cable system after first studying Modicon's published requirements.

If not that, perhaps a bad CRA or CRP module (I believe there was a recall on some serial numbers in years past).
I agree with the others regarding making sure you are following the recommended cabling procedures.

With that said, we had a similar problem where the communications were intermittently dropping out. We discovered that the communications cable had been routed right next to a 480VAC variable frequency drive for a vibratory feeder. Since the feeder only came on once in a while it took us some time to realize what was going on. By simply rerouting the communication cable away from the drive we were able to completely fix the issue.