CCM (Caterpillar) 1746-BAS (Allen-Bradley)


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In our company we have 4 GENSET Caterpillar. We need communications with CCM (Customer Communications Module) with SLC 5/03 through the 1746- BAS. Please send information about M5X protocol.

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You can handle the M5X messages yourself, but Miille has a box that really makes this easier, , you might check with them.

The M5X protocol is documented in the manual that comes with the CCM. CAT #SEBU6874-04, the edition here is dated March 2000.

Basically it is an ASCII message:

50xxyyzz (IID specific data) (checksum) <cr>

An example from the manual is: 5000240400580082AE<cr>

50--indicates M5X

xx - module identifier of the sending module
00 HostDevice
01 CCM

yy - instruction identifier (24 in the example->Single Parameter Read Request)

zz - number of byes after this bye, not including checksum (04 in the example)

(IID) - instruction specific data (00580082, from engine 58, read ECM Fault Log Codes)

(checksum) two ASCII characters

<cr> - if the <cr> needs an explanation, call Miille, do not pass go, go directly to Miille. <grin>


Jerry Miille

You should look at the MARC Omnii-Comm module for this solution. It can connect directly to Caterpillar CCM modules and transfer data directly to data tables in the PLC using DF-1 protocol. No PLC programming is required!

A new version of this module can also connect using an Ethernet connection. Ethernet/IP is supported as well as other protocols.

Jerry Miille

I don't have a manual of customer communication module CCM, please send information.

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Go back to my last message -- I gave you the CAT p/n for the manual. Call you local CAT distributor if you need a copy. In the US you get one copy of the manual with each CCM purchased from CATERPILLAR. The people I deal with usually file one copy and toss the rest because they purchase a device that already knows how to talk M5X.

If you are want to get CAT communications up and running quickly and reliably you really should check out the converters offered by MiilIe Applied Research. I have 10 of their Omni-Comms running M5X to modbus RTU. Five in mainland China, 3 somewhere in the desert of Kuwait, and two onboard a ship in the North Atlantic. They work, and they are well supported.

If you are looking for a programing exercise using the 1746-BAS module, get the manual from CATERPILLAR and have fun.

Doyle Taylor

We have a device that resides directly on the CAT Data Link, just like the CCM Module, and provide the data from the GenSet directly into your AB SLC 5/03 via serial. We actually act as a DF1 Master and push the data to your PLC integer and Long Integer registers. This prevents the need for a ProSoft module to convert Modbus to the PLC.

If you are interested in more information you may contact me at [email protected].