CCTV Video in FactoryPMI?


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Maybe someone here can help me out. We have CCTV cameras in place viewing remote parts of our plant. We are using FactoryPMI for monitoring. I see that FPMI has a video component, but seems to be meant for some sort of network-enabled camera. Does anyone know if there is a way for me to use my existing CCTV infrastructure with FactoryPMI?

Must be an Ethernet video camera and must support MJPEG format.

Took the data below right out of the FactoryPMI help system (searched "video"). I have only used the Panasonic cameras but I'm sure it would work with any Ethernet camera that supports MJPEG format.

* Axis 2100 (MJPEG):
* Panasonic BL-C10A (MJPEG):
* StarDot Netcam (JPEG stills):

If you want to use your analog (CCTV) cameras, you can buy an MJPEG Video Server. This is a small network device that has some number (usually 1-4) of analog video inputs, and then an ethernet jack on the other side. It provides MJPEG -formatted video streams for your analog video signals. (MJPEG is the format that the FactoryPMI video component accepts).

A quick google search will turn up lots of people selling MJPEG video servers. Here is an example of one I found:

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I have utilized ActiveX controllor which enabled us to get the view of camera shown on the CCTV monitoring Server to insert it into HMI via an OPC server,meanwhile, the events generated by CCTV system could be retrieved & logged in HMI as well. This is a product of Honeywell.
Yes. FactoryPMI has a standard Camera Viewer component so that you can view ethernet cameras embedded in an HMI screen.