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My company has an automation line being built in Italy and it will be delivered to our US facility later in the year. The Italian integrator will get a CE certification for the line, but I have been asked what type of certifications are required for the line to run here, like a UL certification.

My understanding is there isn't really a certification requirement to operate in the US. The line just has to follow all OSHA and NFPA standards. I've not been able to find much out on the internet, so I'm hoping somebody here has had some experience bringing equipment in from Europe. Thanks in advance for the help.


Bob Peterson

It would be wise to have the control panel itself UL listed to UL 508a. That way it would follow the rules required for industrial Machinery in the United States as far as controls go. Some areas actually require this listing and OSHA has publicly stated for many years that control panels are supposed to be listed.

Depending on what the actual equipment is there may be other things that would be wise but without knowing more about your machinery it is hard to know.
Thanks for the reply.

I'll look into UL508 and see if it makes sense for us to do it. The line is made up of several lean cells and each have their own high voltage (+50V) and low voltage cabinet. I'm not sure we have ever UL certified any of our enclosures nor do I think our integrator has done it either. But this does give me something to look into, thanks!
I work for an integrator in the states. We pay extra for UL508 or use a UL shop, if the client requires it. Truth is our designs meet the standards regardless, just a matter if we pay to get the sticker and have it listed.

Good luck. I think you will have better luck bringing something into the states than going the other way. I use to have to CE Cert. US made equipment for the EU. Nightmare. You may need to have a third party evaluate the design for installation in the US and then just install it when it gets here per the applicable NEC codes.