Central Monitoring and Control System for Refinery Oil Tanks


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Kayvan Mahmoodifar

Greeting. We need a "Central Monitoring and Control System for Refinery Oil Tanks" with following features:

Level Monitoring: ultrasonic level meter
Number of tanks: maximum 100 #
High of tanks: maximum 30 meters
Type of oil: gasoline

Please send me information about that or similar

Edgar Hilton

RTLinux (http://www.rtlinux.org) has a nice small footprint real time operating system called miniRTL which can be used to monitor your ultrasonic sensors from a PC104. It can then be used to log everything to a central server via a secure shell (to prevent outside hackers) over a regular ethernet network, or will even have a tiny web server on each PC104 which will log all the necessary data and which can later be accessed via any web browser. You might even be able to use miniRTL to monitor more than one ultrasonic sensor.

RTLinux will free you to choose any ultrasonic sensor that you like.

FSMLabs (http://www.fsmlabs.com) is the creator of rtlinux and can be contacted for development, training, and support.

I hope that this helps.


Paul Reynolds

Be careful with Ultrasonic Level meters in Gasoline. Due to the vapors of the gasoline the ultrasonic transmitter will not be accurate. I recommend a device by Barton Instruments know as the ATG system. Barton developed the system to win a job for the US Airforce Jet fuel tanks. It is a custody transfer grade measurement systems with 1 mm accuracy. Go to www.barton-instruments.com to download the information.