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Garnet Tremere


I am looking for an application that can extract CSV data files on a periodic time basis, or an OPC Client application to extract information
from numerous HMI packages to a centralized database for maintenance mangement purposes, is there any product out there that you could direct me to?



Mark Mullins

We use Honeywell PlantScape SCADA to do what you are talking about. Useing OPC client interface, ODBC, Modbus etc along with Free Format Reports to get data from various HMI's, PLC, RTU's, and csv files. Honeywell provide a suite of mantenance management tools along with a Maximo interface.

Alternativly there are other SCADA systems out there that have the same abilities, I would suggest you take a look at Citect, PlantScape, Wonderware, iFix etc I think you will find most offer add on maintenance management tools that will intergrate with the SCADA package.

I hope this is helpful.


There is a good product named WinMIS available suited for your requirements.
It is an OPC Client application, stores data in a MySql Database.

Can Download Demo Version from http://www.egenietech.com/Download.htm

You need to download MySql Database and Drivers from MySql.com as mentioned in Installation Pre-requisites. Also read Installation notes properly as I faced some problem in the beginning but then when I read notes I was able to install successfully.

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Just about any good SCADA packages on the market can do what you ask here. If you are using a PC for the HMI simply set up a shared drive on that PC and have the Centralized Data Client (not server) extract the data from the shared folder. As far as OPC goes, each HMI package will have to have its own OPC Server resident on the HMI. The OPC client will reside on the Centralized Data Client (not server). If the OPC client is a true client it can read data from any compliant OPC server. Software Toolbox has just about every OPC Server on the market. If your HMI package is an obscure one then they probably have it. If your HMI package is a proprietary HMI panel then you will find it very difficult if not impossible to find an OPC server for that panel. If the panel is a CE device then you will have better luck; however, because there are not that many manufacturers out there that have really delved into the CE world you will have a hard time finding servers for those as well. I know Siemens, Indusoft, and Software Toolbox have mastered that technology so you may want to give them a call if you haven't already decided on the decentralized HMIs. By the way the companies have partnered up. If anyone out there knows of other CE HMI panels that can have an OPC server resident and serve up data over Ethernet feel free to add to this. Remember DCOM is a big issue for CE

Jason Valenzuela

What is your platform? If you are using some Unix variant, cron in addition to some small programs should do this with ease.

I dont think a full SCADA package is required for this functionality. I would suggest you look at WinMIS which comes for a fraction of the cost of a whole SCADA package and provides user configurable reporting in Microsoft Excel. It is an OPC Client.
I would personally recommend Intellution's Ihistorian. I've used it for this exact application.
It has file collector that can convert CSV or XML files into its archive. The collectors can be installed on remote machines and send data to the central server.
Since your data is in CSV format, I doubt your worried too much about storage rate, but as far as data retrieval goes, Ihistorian is tough to beat. I've personally seen retrieval rates near a million points a second for raw data queries.
Once your data is in the historian, you can use a variety reporting options. Or query the data directly using OLEDB