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I have a question on recipe management, the below is current operation status:

1) Recipe can download to FCS in "recipe viewer" and no error display
2) I can see recipe name in "recipe list dialog box" which downloaded before in "recipe viewer". Also it can download to FCS successful and activate it.

1) When open "procedure window", click on "follow the active setup" button, but no data display in this window.
2) Open "sever switch dialog box", found that the color of HIS0124 (server 1) is red. Maybe it doesn't work.

Who can give me suggestion to solve the problem I will be grateful.
Are you using redundant recipe server? You might want to consider to switch to the 2nd server as it seems like the primary recipe server has failed.

What is the status of the control recipe? What is the status of the control recipe; COMPLETE or LOG status?
thanks for your information. i am using a single recipe server, not redundant recipe server, the primary server has failed that just like you had said. how to restart it and what's reason will be caused the server stop. now the status of recipe cotrol in my project displayed "COMPLETE".

thanks again.
Try to download/create a new control recipe.
And call the procedure window.
I suspect that you may be using a non resident unit resident which is blank at times when there is no active control recipes.