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Deepak Kumar

We have a Yokogava Centum V DCS with HF bus for communication. This being very old system, we need to replace it. DCS controls two different
unit's process and there are some common signals as well. One unit is always live and another can go for shutdown for a maximum period of 10
days in a year. We cannot go for getting everything in a single new DCS since there is huge number of i/os.
Now the problem is we need to have a new DCS which can communicate on HF bus so that one single unit's siganls can be brought on this new
system. Yokogava has a bus converter which can be interface to the CS3000 Vnet bus and HF bus.
I need to know is there any other DCS( honeywell, Toshiba etc.) which can also do the same.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance for the replies.
Dear Sir,

Vnet and HF Bus are proprietary protocol of Yokogawa System, and the best way to convert your existing system is by the use of Bus
Converter,and these are proven system convertion hardware.

Risking the use of other System is not yet proven, since we have implemented a lot of project using the bus converter, and it will save you a lot of time in terms of converting your existing Centum V DCS. Also you have to consider the cost and the compatibility of your hardware.

Proprietary protocols are protected by it's Manufacturer and the only Manufacturer who can make or produce a Converter for other system is
its manufacturer I hope you could consider this opinion.
Hello Deepak Kumar

I am also in linewith your view but considering the fact that the old protocols were and are proprietery in nature the most suitable and economically viable solution is to use a bus convertor. Alternatively I understand from M/s Yokogawa that there is also an alternate solution availble which will change your existing system to the latest by changing few hardwares in the existing system. By this way it is possible to get the best of your investment retained and also gain the advantage of the latest technology offering from Yokogawa. You may contact your local rep of Yokogawa for more details


You can go for CS-3000 DCS from Yokogawa.CS3000 is a Windows NT based System .Yokogawa has a ACG (Advanced Control Gateway ) used for HF-BUS to V-Net/VL-Net Communication (Protocol in CS-3000).Thus you can communicate with CENTUM-V DCS. This will be the best option and already has been done by YOKOGAWA, India.

Ajith Kumar
Ex-Yokogawa Customer Services Engineer
The best option might be to go for a migration from C-V to CS3000 system of Yokogawa.

thiss can be done in three phases to suite your budget and reduce the plant shutdown

phase 1 - upgrade only the MMI
phase 2 - upgrade the controllers only( station control nest)
phase 3 - upgrade the I/O nests

or you can go for a total migration
in this solution you dont change the signal conditioner cards and retain them. Thus no need to change the field wiring.

ACG is a computer gateway for PI, isn't it. I think you might say BCV (Bus converter to V-Net)