Certified Automation Profesional Exam and Associate CAP


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Can anyone mail me study materials for Certified automation Professional exam?
Do anyone have a soft copy of A guide to automation book of knowledge?

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Nice try, but ISA publishes the Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge (AutoBoK). It is a copyrighted work and sharing it over the Internet would be illegal. It is not available in PDF form anyway.

The AutoBoK is the only book that contains the answers to the questions on the CAP Exam. Spend the money and buy it. Or have your company or library buy it. The most current version is Version 3, but all of the answers on the CAP exam, currently are to be found in the older Version 2. You may find a Version 2 available for sale at a lower price than Version 3 on Amazon or eBay.

I teach the ISA CAP Exam Preparation course.

Dick Caro, CAP