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I want to connect temperature sensors to a papaerless chart recorder. The sensors are in a remote location and I would prefer to use Wireless. Does anybody know of a recorder with embedded wireless capability?

I don't know of any but would likely not prefer embedded even if it were available. An embedded wireless locks one into the features of that wireless, whereas a recorder with ethernet capability can connected to a wired or wireless system of choice.

I use a couple Honeywell Trendview paperless recorders that are on a wireless network, several others on a wired network. The recorders have conventional, standard ethenet connections, an RJ-45 port that takes regular CAT5 cable and lots of ethernet capability: real-time data transfer, FTP, internal web server.

The physical locations were not suitable for wiring runs, so we got Cirronet ethernet wireless modems. We chose these because they are very secure industrial wireless devices and are much more powerful watt wise than WiFi. We tried the Wi-Fi a couple years back on several devices and found that it was too subject to short distances and drop-outs. This EPA data is too critical and we could not risk a shut down or fines because the data was lost over Wi-Fi.

The concept is simple, the recorder connects with CAT 5 cable to the wireless modem, the other wireless modem connects with CAT 5 cable to a switch on our industrial network.

Maybe your situation is short distance, straight shot and would work well with Wi-Fi, in which case a stand alone recorder with a Wi-Fi access point and node make sense.

But given the industrial environment with its noise, interference and attenuating environment, I'd much rather get to choose what's needed for a wireless connection, than have to take what some young punk whiz kid engineer slapped into as an embedded connection, without realizing what needs be done on the wireless end.