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ravi chandran

Dear sirs,

I am looking for a chaser light circuit. It is for my presentation project. The lights will be placed in this sign board " WELCOME TO TECQ-NOZ
PRESENTATION YEAR 2000 ". the lights should work like this, the letter would lights up one by one and at end after the phrase have been seen, all the lights will goes off, after a few second ( adjustable ) the cycle continious. I have seen some circuit in the web, and it seems the first
light will not holds after the second lights illuminate and same as for other lights. Hope somebody can give a bright circuit idea, or the circuits,

Thanks in advance


Johan Bengtsson

Is this kind of what you wanted?

You could use a shift register with a reset input.
Drive the input with a constant 1. The output from the last one is input to a delay circuit and the output from that one is feed to all the reset inputs. To sync the first character with the reset pulse you could connect the last D-output to the clock generator in such a way that the
generator is turned off when this output goes high.

All this could be made by using two 555 (or one 556) and five 74xx164 (up to 40 characters) and some resistors and capacitors. You will need some high current drive outputs as well since these circuits couldn't control enough current. IC circuits for that purpose exist too.

/Johan Bengtsson

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Lucas Williams

This is very similar to my annual Christmas light configuration. I simply form the letters out of Christmas lights and fire each strand using relay
outputs on a plc. The PLC goes through a timing routine spelling out BAH HUMBUG, flashes three times, and waits idly for approximately ten seconds. This is very inexpensive and easy to implement.

Next year I hook up a motion detector so it only flashes when cars drive by...