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Matt McAfee

I am looking for a low cost ($100), single point RTU that supports Modbus RTU. I need to monitor a single discrete value via a 9600 baud radio network—the unit should support RS-232. Does anyone know of such a device. I would prefer a small DIN rail mount device.
I too am searching for a very low cost solution with a limited number of I/O, please let me know what you find. If there's nothing available, I plan on having an associate develop and
manufacture one for me using a low-cost, single chip microcontroller.
My quantity needs are such that I can fund the development, but as with anything, the more volume the better as far as driving the price down.
So, anyone interested in such a device (Modbus RTU, maybe 8 I/O) email me seperately off line at "[email protected]", mailto:[email protected]

Rick Lamb

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Robert Dusza

Rick & Matt,
Check out , They have a RTU, DL05 that may meet your needs. The cost is $99 and it is a MODBUS RTU Master and slave. That's the only one I can think of that is in the price range. We use the DL105 on a couple of projects and they are great.

Other sources for MODBUS RTU Modules with more the single point are: " ": and "": .

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