Checking weighfeeder accuracy


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I am dinesh. we are having 7 schenck weighfeeders (0-200tne/hr max), But i didn't get a consistent repeatability of the system.

I am doing drop test also with a belt weighing system. I am doing zero checking in every 15 days and drop test once in a month. But still i couldn't get a consistent reading.

Every time i can't do a span checking, and i m placing a 20kg weight in each lpad cell and calculating the tonnage. Is this the right method of checking span? or i have to place a dynamic weight over the entire weighing span area to check the span?
I am not familiar with the brand Schenck but I imagine it's similar to others I have used.

Are you measuring the belt speed accurately, usually by distance traveled over 6 minutes?

A dynamic weight test is usually more accurate but good results can be obtained with fixed weights.

What's absolutely critical is good alignment, if one of your idlers is a mm or more too high or too low it will have a significant effect on accuracy.