Chemical flow control questions


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Hello everyone,

I need to have some system to pump a small qty of chemicals (usually around 1 to 4 liters) in bursts controlled with a switch or something else at the delivery point. any ideas how to make this happen? I was looking at some metering pumps but all the ones I saw had no more than a few liters or gallons an hour when I need at least around 5 to 8 liters per minute. but I only need it for less than 400 bursts a day one after the other and only once a day. anyone has an idea??

Thank you all for reading me

Bruce Thompson

Many more details would help in beginning to provide some answers.

Are you trying to control a new process? What is the process that you are working on? Is this the first application of metering chemicals? How was this done in the past? What chemicals are being metered? Are the chemicals going into a pressurized pipe (chamber, vessel, etc.) or is it a mixing bowl vented to atmosphere? How fast must the chemicals be metered out? What type of delivery system is in place for getting the chemicals to the meter: Piping, hopper, 1-gallon bottles, etc.? How often are the chemicals to be metered out? How many chemicals are being metered? Does the quantity per chemical change?

This is just a start. Many more questions could be proposed.