Chemical Resistant Enclosure Experience/Advice Needed


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Has anyone been in the same situation as I am? I have an enclosure mounted to a crane in an anodize plating line. This one crane in particular services our most acidic tanks. The enclosure seal will not last more than 6 months before it literally melts away.

Is there not any company out there that builds enclosures with teflon seals or the like? I have contacted different companies that make custom seals for enclosures but after hearing about our application, they don't seem to be interested.

We are unable to relocate the enclosure. If we did, the enclosure would have to be 100ft away from the crane in order to remove itself from the fumes.

Just wondering if anyone else has had experience with this sort of problem and how did you solve it?
All the junction box manufacturers have plastic and fiberglass boxes that are chemical resistant. Check to see what they have for replacement gaskets.

If you just need a replacement gasket, check the gasket and o-ring suppliers for an acid resistant material.

Check the acid resistance of silicone RTV for your specific acid. You could make your own gasket with a bead of silicone rubber.

good luck