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Andrew R.

Dear Lists,

I need a help to programming a chiller controller. When, after a winter season,
we had try to start the Chiller it had not worked. On the status message display was the message that the battery of the RTC is discharging. We have replaced it and have again tried to start the Chiller. And again it has not worked. This time on the status message display was a message : " Programm the
type of refrigerant to run". I enter into the menu of programming of type of refrigerant, on the
display is a message:
"Porgramm type of refrigerant R22 or R134A = 255". When I try to enter anything, I can't.
I think that the changings of the system parameters of the controller is password protected. But it does not ask me a password ! May be there is some triks to enter a password in
programming mode for this type of controller. In the chiller's manual I have, there no any words
about password protection.
The type the chiller is YORK, model - YCAF. The type of RTC IC is MK48T02, the type of the
controller is - ISN RecipPak Control Center with the EEPROM version - 025L02078 - 000, V3-1,
REV 5.

Please help !

ABM-GAZ Ltd., Russia.
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