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Steven Landau

Can someone recommend a Chlorine Gas Flow Meter/Transmitter.

Stainless isn't suitable, and I am afraid of using plastic. What have other
list members done in the past.

S. Landau
If the pipe size is above 2" the orifice plate is perfect. Be careful: if the chlorine is dry, it is is expolsive with the silicon filled fluid(in the cell of the XTR.
Dow has used the Ramapo target meter for decades. Contact Venture Measurement, Hersey Products group.

Walt Boyes

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S. Landau
You should contact the Chlorine Institiute, and obtain their
publications for safte handling of Chlorine. In general the material of construction in chlorine service is dependent on the water content of the chlorine and if it is gaseous or liquid chlorine. Monel and Hastelloy C are commonly used in dry chlorine for both liquid and gas. If the chlorine is wet, and it must be wet, titanium is used, because if it is dry, titanium will burn.
Ken Woodard

Dear S. Landau,
We manufacture specialty flow meters specifically for these types of
applications. We have provided units in PVDF (KYNAR) and TFE (TEFLON) for such services. However, Hastelloy C may be an option, or gold plated 316ss if the Chlorine gas is dry. Machinable ceramics may be another option. Please contact us with your service requirements. Please also visit our website at:

John Catch
[email protected]

> Can someone recommend a Chlorine Gas Flow Meter/Transmitter.
> Stainless isn't suitable, and I am afraid of using plastic. What have
> other list members done in the past.
> S. Landau

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Keven Dunphy

In response to your request for Chlorine Gas Flowmeter...

I have worked on over 200 successful installations of Micro Motion Coriolis Massflow meters on chlorine gas service. Micro Motion's meters are availible in either 316 STT or Hast-C, with Hast-C being typical for this application. Flow accuracies less than 0.5% of massflow rate would be typical.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,

Keven Dunphy
Process Gas Manager
Micro Motion
[email protected]

Bob Peterson

Just out of curiousity, how many unsuccessful installations have you worked on in this particular application? Thats the number I would prefer to know. If you are batting 200 out of 250, thats pretty awfull. If its 200 of 201 its acceptable.

My limited experience with them and some anecdotal evidence leads me to believe these things are a bit tempermental.

Bob Peterson

Keven Dunphy


That is a good question! In the project that I'm referring to, none of the meters have failed, although none have been installed for significant periods of time yet so that shouldn't necessarily be a surprise.

On corrosive service like chlorine gas, failures typically occur because of misapplications such as the presence of water. This creates a bad situation not only for the flowmeter, but for many surrounding pieces of equipment as well. In my experience, if you are dealing with wet chlorine gas, then its just a question of how long your equipment will last, not really a SST or Hast-C issue.

In general however, its my experience that Micro Motion flowmeter installations yield above average reliability. I would be happy to discuss this application, or any liquid or gas service in more detail. Please feel free to call or email.

Best Regards,

Keven Dunphy
303 530 8048
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