cimplicity 8.2 " Script for Converting METRIC unit to US"


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Hi all,

I am new to cimplicity 8.2 and facing some problem right now. I have near about 25 .cim files of gas turbine. Actually i want to create a single button on Startup screen, by pressing of which should change all the units from Metric to US on all the 25 SCREENS and on again pressing it, the units of all the 25 SCREENS will change from US to METRIC.

e.g F to C , in/s to mm/s etc

Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Any script regarding this?

I know that this wouldn't be easy. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

We don't know what version of Speedtronic turbine control panel you are working with, or what version of TCI and CIMBRIDGE or WorkstationST.

I just had occasion to see a Mark VIe with a WorkstationST HMI running Win7 and CIMPLICITY 8.2 (PROFICY) and watched the operators right-click on a CIMPLICITY display and left-click on one line of the pop-up window and then select either Metric or US units to switch between Engineering Units for all displays.

It would seem this could be "recorded" as a macro or re-written in some kind of script and applied to a button, if necessary. I don't recall that it required any password (meaning that it worked in OPER mode as well as MAINT and Administrator).

Have you used the PROFICY (CIMPLICITY) Help feature to look for information?

Because what I saw was running on a WorkstationST HMI communicating with a Mark VIe I don't know if this is possible with any other type of HMI or Speedtronic turbine control panel. I believe that WorkstationST does some of the scaling conversion in the background (I may be wrong about that), or that the ToolboxST configuration passes signal scaling information via EGD configuration to HMIs running WorkstationST. (Of course, when I asked about the "mechanism" of changing Engineering units, I was told, "That's just how it works!", and this from a GE employee.)

So, it would seem this is not well-documented but simpler than on previous versions of CIMPLICITY--but may well depend on the type of HMI and the version of Speedtronic turbine control panel.

And, of course, all of the above presumes you are working on GE HMI communicating with a Speedtronic turbine control panel. If not, then never mind.
My recollection on this subject is that the gas and steam turbine displays can all be changed at once as per CSA's description. I can't add any more to help on that. The conversion was done in CIMPLICITY, not in the SPEEDTRONIC - the data inside the turbine controls stays in English units as does the data in the Historian (if you have one, although it is possible they have changed this since I retired). However, any HRSG and Balance of Plant screens did not change - we did those in the units desired by the end user and did not include the units change feature in these displays in CIMPLICITY.