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Walter Villafuerte

Does somebody know if i can reinstall Cimplicity and keep my license without problems, or if i can just add properties to a previous installation. Thank's for your help

Jason M. Burda

Ohh you've opened a bad can of worms my friend!!!! If you call GE support they will ask you if you are cimplicity SAFE which in case your not familiar translates into $$$$$$. If you re-install cimplicity w/o transferring the license you will lose the registered license and will have to re-register. You are only permitted to re-register once per year if you are not cimplicity safe. Which by the way is GE's support contract for cimplicity. I have attempted to add properties to my original project by installing just the options I needed and lost the license. I have tried transferring my license to a floppy re-installing and transferring to the newly installed version and lost my license. The only thing that I have found that work well is to install Cimplicity on another PC transfer your license to the new PC. Re-install where you need and transfer back to your original (new install). If GE did the initial install and used a sales only license numbers ending in XXXX, go can not call GE for a new license as they will tell you it is not valid. I recently spent several weeks working with their licenses for a 40 node, 14 server site and it was miserable. Any other questions let me know. JMB

Walters Curt L Contr AEDC/SVT

Jason & Walter, et al, My sympathies to you. Misery loves company. I, too, have struggled with the GE Cimplicity License lion and have many scars. I agree that moving the license via floppy to another machine before one does anything to the Cimplicity software is the best bet. I have had to call GE many times to get licenses renewed due to disk failures and have sometimes received the third degree as to why I need to renew my licenses. In all fairness, however, usually there is no trouble renewing. I thought that I had headaces with my systems, but you've got me beat with server/node quantity. Curt

Burda, Jason M.

Curt, Although, one doesn't usually change re-register too often. Now, unless your cimplicity safe, you can only re-register your license once per year. Jason

Walter Villafuerte

Thank you very much for your help, i really apreciate it. I'm from Mexico and i called to the mexican ge fanuc support department and they told me that "the only way i can lost a license is doing a format to the drive". I made a re-install of cimplicity and my license it was safe. I really don't know what happened, i wonder if the cimplicity version it is important in this case, i'm using v3.22.

Francus, West (IndSys, GEFanuc, Albany)

please see (the site was down for maintenance) and search for "UNINSTALLING CIMPLICITY HMI". You will see you can add options and re-install without losing your license. The license is not kept under the CIMPLICITY folder, even for older versions. Regards, West Francus GE Fanuc Automation West Francus GE Fanuc Automation, NA CIMPLICITY: GE Fanuc: knowledgebase: